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How are our websites produced?

We use Joomla! an open-source, content management system to create your website. By using a content management system we keep costs down and, can create and update your site quickly. Joomla! is used by many large corporations and government entities. You can read all about them here.
We work with Joomla! because, not only does it give us great results in a short time but, there are thousands of extensions available for it. When your business is ready to add an employee log-in page for example, we can have it up and running for you quickly. If you want to include classified ads or, a forum on your site that can be done as well. These come as pre-written packages that we modify for you for far less than you would pay to have them written from scratch.
If you want to take a hands-on approach to your website, Joomla! makes that possible as well. You can log in, update, blog, add pictures and content, with no need to learn how to code.

Our sources for hosting,  templates, CDN and other needs are carefully chosen, provide the best value and, allow us to keep our prices low.