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How does your local business look online?

What is a local business? It is a business focused on customers who live or work in the same area. Local businesses can be large or small. They fill the needs of people and other businesses that cannot be meant by businesses far away. Local businesses need to establish a presence on the internet. Even if you never plan to sell anything online having a website is important to your local business.


4 reasons why having a website is important to your local business

1) Customers are searching for local businesses on the internet.

More than 85% of people have looked online for local businesses. Searching for local business is big business.


If searching for local business wasn’t a big deal, these guys wouldn’t be involved. They are in business to help people find what they are looking for on the internet and, they know many users are looking for local businesses. They know a lot about consumers searching and, buying habits. If local search matters to them, it should matter to you.

2) If you don’t control how your business appears online, someone else might.

Chances are your business already is online. Hopefully the big search engines have picked up accurate contact information. Better yet the review sites have some good reviews. But what if someone has posted a bad review?
Entire businesses have been created around sharing tips and reviews of local businesses.

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With no website to reference, the business owner has no voice in what is said about the business online.

3) A business with a website is perceived as more professional.

Looks do matter. It’s 2015. Ten years ago, customers would have been impressed if your small, local business had a website. Today they count it against you if you don’t have one.
No website? Customers assume you can’t afford it, aren’t knowledgeable about why it is important or, you don’t care. None of these is a good impression to make.
Your present customers expect to find you online. They may need your hours, phone number or specials. They may want to show your website to a friend when they recommend your business!

4) Your competitors have websites.

Not all of your competitors have websites but, there is a good chance that if there are competitors nearby some will have websites. If your competitors site comes up in a search, that will be what people look at. Ultimately they may choose to do business there.

Where to start?
How about a website that showcases your local business?
A place where customers and potential customers can go to learn about what you do , where you are, and what hours you are open.

How we help

We create your site, register it with search engines and update it as you need. We use pictures and video that you supply. If you are located in the central New York area, we can even stop by and take pictures. If you already have logos and artwork, we incorporate those into the site

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